A Day at the Trials: Part 1

Arriving in Kemperbad, the party finds itself preparing their judicial champion for the Gravin’s trial by combat. Sneaky plots are afoot and the Dammenblatz house will take efforts to make sure they find victory.

One thought on “A Day at the Trials: Part 1

  • I’ve got to admit, im struggling with the Rough Nights and Hard Days adventures so far.

    The timestamp layout of the adventure im finding restrictive as a GM. Now i’ll be the first to admit im not an expert GM and am prone to errors and inefficiencies at times. I find that the timed events do a great job of creating events around the environment, whether or not the PCs are there to witness them. This is neat, but also lends itself to being derailed very easily. Which is not a bad thing necessarily, but with so many timed events that require previous events to have happened as written you quickly find yourself as the GM in an adventure that doesn’t resemble the book as written at all. The railroad nature of the first two adventures play out similarly whether the PCs are there or not which leaves some PCs who ‘watch first then act’ left to not engage in most encounters.

    I’m sure this isn’t the experience most others have, but i’ve noticed it keenly in our first 3 sessions with this book. I’m looking to make some adjustments to the the GMing style in our next few to see if we can get back on track with better engagement and less on rails.

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