The Lords of Ubersreik

Ubersreik has no ruling family after the Emperor controversially removed House Jungfreud from power. Thus, the great and the good flock to the fortress town, all hoping to become the next lord of lady of Ubersreik. One noble decides to host a society ball to promote his House above all others, but it quickly becomes a battlefield – politically and otherwise – and our Heroes are caught in the middle of it.

2 thoughts on “The Lords of Ubersreik

  • Not an easy adventure to GM or play, with so many NPCs and the characters sometimes at a loss about what to do. But I think you made something worth while of it. The Elven bow and some keen investigation eliminated the Chaos threat, and then it came to a grande and thrilling finale, hanging on a dice roll – I loved that final conflict and the shoot-out. A deserving end to the PCs stint as the Gravin’s retinue.
    Technically, I was wondering if you used any of the material from WFRP3’s “The Edge of Night”, which is basically the same adventure, but without the Gravin. They had lots of tokens and NPC pictures and all.

  • Hey, just been listening to your episodes, good stuff. As an aside, in Imperial Germany, the ‘von’ part of a last name signifies that you’re a noble. Also, you said the party had foiled ‘unrequited love’. But that’s when J loves N but N doesn’t love J. So the party actually managed to foil true love, which is a much better achievement!

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