Heart of Glass: Part 2

With their eyes set on traveling to the Tower of Vane, the ladies sets off on their snow covered adventure. An encounter with a familiar witch hunter does not go as expected. The party learn the history about the darker and lighter side of magic.

One thought on “Heart of Glass: Part 2

  • I really enjoyed the first, investigative part of this adventure in Ubersreik. The mystery and setting are really cool, and I immediately thought about how I could use this in my own campaign. But then… came part II of “Heart of Glass”. I had read about it in a review on Drivethru, and it’s true: The second part feels like it has nothing to do with the first part, it’s a terribly disjointed affair. This leads to the point where your players never really solved the mystery, and the listeners were also left wondering… May it be that the scenario has two different authors, and that’s the reason for it? I was going to buy the PDF, but now I doubt I will. Well-played, though! With some memorable scenes in part II as well.

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