The Enemy Within: Part 1

The party finds themselves on hard times, nary a job in sight. Coin is running dry and opportunities are scarce. But a poster indicating work in Altdorf, The Empire’s capital, prompts a trip to the North. Like most trips in The Reikland, things do not go smoothly, and trouble finds our adventurers in the oddest way.

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Part 1

  • 200 Episodes? Wow! Congrats on making so many top quality episodes, I always look forward to a new episode in my RSS feed!

  • First, congratulations to your 200th episode, that is such an achievement! And you’re still my favourite podcast.
    Apart from that, I am thrilled to see that you actually begin THE Warhammer Campaign. I have always wanted to get to know “The Enemy within”, but didn’t wanna read it before I can play it myself or listen to it. Other podcasts have done it, but they didn’t convince me – so I’ll be all ears to your version (and the new “director’s cut” version).

    I like the new group, Bernie has got a lot of character depth by now, Mattison is more self-assured now and does more things outside her thief-routine, and I love the way Val Aschaffenberg speaks – would like to know more about his noble background sometime and how he became an outcast. Dorenfinn is a little quiet outside of combat situations, let’s see where he goes still, as a character. I do miss Chris and hope he’ll join in again some time for the new campaign, and it would also be great to have Nat back again some time, maybe he’s not into 4th edition Wfrp?

    So, I’m still in Heart of Glass part 2 and haven’t started with TEW, but I am delighted at the prospect!

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