The Enemy Within: Part 2

Our Heroes’ coach emerges from the Drakwald forest and speeds northwards for the white-walled Aldorf, the capital of the Empire and its largest, richest city. There they hope to find employment and possibly follow-up on Val’s doppelganger’s inheritance.

4 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Part 2

  • Hello! Hope the group not fallen to Nurgles latest invention.
    You are currently playing the (IMO) best campaign ever written. ( I played it once as a player and as a Gm I returned to it 2 times) and looking forward to listening to your experience.
    /Mats. Sweden.

  • The Enemy within is a virus, it seems. Gaming group still on lockdown, I suppose. Hope everyone’s alright.
    So, no plans to continue the campaign online?

  • I second that question, 5 months later….
    No plans I suppose to continue online? Trying it myself, I don’t exactly find it as fun as the real thing, but it’s better than nothing.

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