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The Reckless Dice Podcast is bi-weekly podcast featuring Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and other great systems.  We record live play sessions, discuss news, products and strategies to help our fellow hobbyists enjoy their games to their maximum potential.

Jesse “Gitzman” Burke
Co-Founder, Host, GM, Contributor

Life long Warhammer fan. Jesse and Paul co-founded the Reckless Dice Podcast in 2010. Jesse is a regular content contributor, GM, PC and maintains the sister site Gitzman’s Gallery.

  • Contributor – Leila “Fridge Gargoyle” Burke
  • Contributor – Doug Beard
  • Contributor – Jay Miller

Founding Members

  • Jesse “Gitzman” Burke
  • Paul “Rorschach” Tobia

Former GMs & Contributors

  • Chris Wagner
  • Nate Denny
  • Joseph Lucketta
  • Jeremy “Malevelous” Duvall
  • Brian Ramming
  • Daniel Kerrick
  • Jordan “Bloody Sun Boy” Steelman
  • Lester Crow and his “Strolling Bones”
  • Paul “Rorschach” Tobia
  • Renata  Kloepfer

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7 thoughts on “The Cast

  • I have listened to EVERY one of your live play sessions, except much of The Enemy Within, only because I was in a game playing it at the time. I love them and they are by far the best live play sessions around.
    I in particular was missing your continued TGS, since I started GMing my own TGS on Fantasy Grounds II a few months ago. But fortunately, we had a hiatus after finishing the beastmen, so you should be suffiently ahead of me when I restart that I can benefit from your examples.

    The dynamic of two wood elves and a dwarf add such a different element, its great!

    WFRP is alive and well, and I’m glad you all are helping keep it that way!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. Our group is certainly unique for TGS. Chris does a great job GMing the series, can’t wait to record the rest.

  • Hi Jesse, I’ve been listening to the show for years and still love it! If you are looking for a new game like wfrp, , check out Shadow of the Demon Lord. It’s by Robert J Schwalb (he wrote the Tome of Corruption for Wfrp 2e.) It’s dark, fast and amazing! It’s on hope you guys like it and I would love to hear love play sessions of it someday. Be safe and keep up he great work

    • Gary,

      Great idea, we are looking into what to play next right now. I’ll run it by the group. We are also considering Mage: The Awakening.


  • I’m 5 years behind (just listened to the Shaven podcast) but enjoying it. Looking forward to the next game session I’ll get to 🙂

  • Posted it in a weird place, so reposting it here

    Hey Reckless Dice. Was on a train trip and listened to your play of that “sweet marrow” one-page I did way back. Good fun Currently preparing Masks of Nyarlathotep (with the companion) for my group – have you played that campaign? We’re going to run it with our homebrew EotE/genesys conversion of CoC.

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