MapTools Social & Demo Scenario (live)

Gitzman and 8 community members run through the basics of using MapTools.  They go through how to create a map, use the application, run a game, GM, PC and even begin developing a custom map with which they play a demo scenario.  Can we just say, a Chaos Goat is involved and it was amazing.

Character Creation 2.0

Paul, Jesse and Lester go through the entire character creation process in detail.  They generate new random characters, explore creation methods, rules, and how to integrate backstory and character quirks during creation. This group is shaping up nicely for a Black Fire Pass adventure! We appreciate all feedback on iTunes and Facebook and you can send questions or comments […]

Feature – Character Creation

Jesse walks a few new players through the character creation process from start to finish. The characters will soon begin the Eye for and Eye introductory adventure included in the Core set and the Game Master’s Guide.