Reckless Dice Podcast

A podcast featuring Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We bring you live play sessions, commentary, and unceasing witty repartee to satisfy your hobby needs.

An Eye For An Eye: Finale

Session 3 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party bringing the fight to the cultists, discovering their plot and attempting to foil it. The proverbial shit hits the fan quickly as one of our party members gets in over his head, sigmarite blood spills and a lot of beastmen try to crash […]

Reckless Dice #4: Careers and Nurgle

Paul and Jesse are back with Episode 4 and with Lester and his Strolling Bones we discuss careers in our System Spotlight. Our Main Topic continues our tour of the Ruinous Powers by exploring Father Nurgle (ew). Also we check out some news including the new Eratta/FAQ and answer your questions. We appreciate all feedback […]

An Eye For An Eye: Part 2

Session 2 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party begining their investigation around Grunwald Lodge. Things start off nice and quiet, but the adventure turns dangerous in no time.

An Eye For An Eye: Part 1

The Reckless Dice crew send a group of adventurers through the first chapter of An Eye for an Eye. The surviving members of A Day Late, A Shiling Short lead the party and find they work a whole lot better when behind a wall of steel.

Reckless Dice #3: Actions and Tzeentch

Jeremy returns for episode 3 of the Reckless Dice Podcast. We dig into Action Cards in our System Spotlight segment and for our Main Topic we talk a little bit less about RPG mechanics and a little bit more about the lore of Warhammer. Specifically the first of the Ruinous Powers, Tzeentch! Also news (including […]