Reckless Dice #38: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The pre-finale pre-game-show is here!  We review our adventures and misadventures with the party before embarking on what is sure to be the most epic adventure yet.  We talk about some of our highlights and disappointments throughout the last year and a half of gaming and take a moment to remember the characters who may […]

An Eye For An Eye: Finale

Session 3 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party bringing the fight to the cultists, discovering their plot and attempting to foil it. The proverbial shit hits the fan quickly as one of our party members gets in over his head, sigmarite blood spills and a lot of beastmen try to crash […]

An Eye For An Eye: Part 2

Session 2 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party begining their investigation around Grunwald Lodge. Things start off nice and quiet, but the adventure turns dangerous in no time.

An Eye For An Eye: Part 1

The Reckless Dice crew send a group of adventurers through the first chapter of An Eye for an Eye. The surviving members of A Day Late, A Shiling Short lead the party and find they work a whole lot better when behind a wall of steel.