Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Finale

The ship is to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand within the next few days.  But something has come along for the ride.  Will the investigators discover the thread and dispose of it before they arrive in the arms of the worlds news crews?  Or will disaster befall the Dunedin Harbor?

Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 13

Fleeing the tower, in pursuit of the stolen Weddell, the surviving investigators arrive at the City camp.  Catching up with the Germans will be a tough task, but deciding who will remain back at camp while the small Belle, which cant hold everyone is even tougher.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 12

The party climbs the Tower in search of answers, lured by a dark power beyond their understanding.  The fate of Starkweather and Greene are at stake. The players are forced to make an impossible decision.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 11

The party meets with a series of mishaps which propel them into acts of desperation.  A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger could prove dire.  The party may never be as whole as it once was.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 10

The investigators explore the City of the Elder Things.  They learn about the ancient culture, explore it’s surface, its lower levels, and perhaps discover something more.