Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 11

Deep in the woods and on the track to a lost loved one, things get a little hairy.  The group finds themselves far from home, far from friends and  neck need in an ancient conflict in which they have already inadvertently moved some pieces.

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 10

With the noble in tow, the party has to decide what to do. Pressing matters drive the group into the hills to the south, jeopardizing plans for Konrad and his captive.  Tensions are still high, everyone is on edge, and an ill prepared adventure into the foothills is imminent.

Reckless Dice #34: Why Do GMs Love Killing PCs?

RDP is back, sans Lester once more (we miss you) to tackle the sensitive topic of slaying a player character.  Does it feel good?  Do you like doing it? Do you think your GM has it out for you (he does)? We are joined by our good friend from down under, Daniel Wise of The […]

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 9

Betrayal abounds, Cultists and Townsfolk beware. With the party on the verge of self destruction, will everyone leave the village in one piece? Will Ella make amends with Larrs? Does Konrad have aspirations far beyond his capabilities? Will anyone still be talking to each other on the way home?

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 8

Arriving in a village with problems is nothing new, but the party is coming apart at it’s seems.  Who is right, who is telling the truth, who deserves justice?  The party seems to be on track, but can they keep it on the rails long enough to figure out what is going on?