Reckless Dice #20: Gaming Supplements

Jesse & Lester discuss the tools they use to increase their gaming performance.  Software, beads, tools, maps, you name it.  We follow this up with a healthy dose of Q&A. We appreciate all feedback on iTunes and Facebook and you can send questions or comments to or follow us on Twitter @RecklessDice.

Reckless Dice #16: Liber Fanatica VIII & Greenskins

Jesse, Lester take on Liber Fanatica VIII, the fan created supplement to WFRP3 in all it’s glory.  We talk Greenskins and their ilk in a new, bigger, badder Creature Feature and discuss your Questions and Answers. Check out the Liber Fanatica page here Follow artist & friend of the show, @Symatt on Twitter           We appreciate all […]