The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 2

The party take a road trip to Middenheim! But hey, it is 600 miles and will take 3 weeks.  Who knows what will happen on the road.  Goblins? Probably. Bandits? Definitely.  Nice normal people who just want to chat? Could be. Will they be mistaken for enemies and attacked? Possibly.

The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 7

With the menagerie fete under threat from a demigryph, the party scrambles into action.  Will they save the nobility? Chase after the beast who threatens the party-goers in the hedge maze?  What else could go wrong?  Just as things are spiraling out of control, a mysterious figure arrives at the party.

The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 5

The party is sent off on a special mission, undercover, in order to lure the enemy out of hiding.  Will everything go according to plan?  Of course not! Will someone get badly hurt? You bet!  Will there be more clues as to the identity of the mysterious Black Cowl? You becha! Will Prudence turn into […]

The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 4

The party is forced to decide how to handle mutants in the wild, not everyone is on the same page.  The clues leading to the identity of the Black Cowl grow in complexity and the impending plot suspected by the adventurers grows in turn.  Prudence is growing wary of the nobility, while the PCs begin to feel […]