Reckless Dice #27: Life & Death of a Long-lived PC

The gang discusses how to handle PCs that have seen a few things in their day – how to retire them, kill them and send them to glory. We also unbox a few more rules about the upcoming Hero’s Call supplement and discuss your questions and comments.

Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 2

The party hits the road in search of fame and glory. Everyone has an agenda, but not everyone is going to come out on top. They meet some greenskins, pick some herbs, and share their feelings. Who’d of thought a bunch of guys roleplaying had feelings deep down that were dying to get out?

Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 1

Michael Wilson, a.k.a. “Doc the Weasel” kicks off his new sandbox style adventure with the surviving characters from Underworld Rising.  The party travels off to Ostland to start a new life and all seems well, but some secrets never stay buried.

The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 2

The party find themselves in a town wrought with problems, separated from civilization and starting to get sick.  Things seem fishy, but what is causing the problems surrounding the region around Hugeldal is still a mystery to be uncovered.

Reckless Dice #25: Noob GMs & Motivation

The RDP crew, in their quartet form discusses the new Print on Demand products by FFG, what makes an RPG story tick and how to keep your players motivated! We jump back into listener Q&A and have a pair of fantastic links to share: Daarken’s blog (he does a lot of the cover art for […]