The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 1

The survivors of The Witch’s Song are recruited by an Amethyst wizard to investigate the goings on in Hugeldal, an old mining town in western Reikland.  This adventure is GMed by Chris Wagner (who you may know as Grom the Slayer from The Witch’s Song sessions) and is available in the Signs of Faith supplement.

Underworld Rising: Finale

This is the finale episode of Underworld Rising (the group members of which will continue their adventures in a new campaign under a new name after the new year).  The ‘group’ follow-up on what leads they can hold on to, finding themselves in way over their head. Nobody is untouched by the adventure and some […]

Underworld Rising: Part 2

Konrad Weissman the grave-robber, and his new found “friends” find themselves in more trouble than they know how to handle, they meet some new “friends” and get a solid lead on what might be going on in Ubersreik. This sandbox style game is GMed by Michael Wilson, friend of the show and active WFRP3 community […]

The Witch’s Song: Epilogue

We revisit the aftermath of the dramatic finale, determining once and for all the fate of Thorin the dwarf (who was left for dead in the marsh as the rest of the party fled from a Dark Elf invasion). Helga Kerkhoff returns, hell-bent on rescuing her friends, and Bherdin looks to finish off “The Beast”.