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The Assassination of Santino Marello

The Olde World League presents a custom written adventure by Daniel Wise, The Assassination of Santino Marello. Our adventuring party of mercenaries find themselves hired by a Tilean judicial champion who believes he is the target of an assassination.  He has already thwarted two attempts, can he attempt a third with the help of the adventuring party?

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Reckless Dice #32: Who Am I?

RDP gets real and talks about what we bring to the table when creating a PC. Do you play yourself? Do you be who you always wanted to be?  Do you live out your fantasies as a female Dwarf Agitator?  RDP and a special Bretonnian guest spill the beans.

MapTools Social & Demo Scenario (live)

Gitzman and 8 community members run through the basics of using MapTools.  They go through how to create a map, use the application, run a game, GM, PC and even begin developing a custom map with which they play a demo scenario.  Can we just say, a Chaos Goat is involved and it was amazing.

Reckless Dice #20: Gaming Supplements

Jesse & Lester discuss the tools they use to increase their gaming performance.  Software, beads, tools, maps, you name it.  We follow this up with a healthy dose of Q&A.

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The Gathering Storm: Part 1

Paul GMs a group of adventurers through the begining of The Gatherin Storm Campaign.  Jesse, Lester and friends join forces and brave the dangers of Stromdorf.

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