Reckless Dice #39: How to End a Campaign

The group gets back together and tackles how to end a long term gaming group. We talk strategies to approach the finale, how to make everyone happy, and of course, how to slay them all. Now of course this is all with the intention of starting a new campaign shortly afterwards using the new and […]

Crimson Rain: Finale

It all comes down to this.  The group is as strong as ever, and they are about to face their greatest foes.  Bloodshed awaits, but will they intervene in time to stop it from getting out of hand? Will everyone come home alive?  Thorin, Baerdin, Grom, Helga, Rob the Goat and Mishka the bear set […]

Reckless Dice #38: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The pre-finale pre-game-show is here!  We review our adventures and misadventures with the party before embarking on what is sure to be the most epic adventure yet.  We talk about some of our highlights and disappointments throughout the last year and a half of gaming and take a moment to remember the characters who may […]

Reckless Dice #9: Omens of War

Our biggest episode yet filled with WFRP 3rd Edition goodness! Paul, Jesse and Lester are reporting in to talk all things Omens of War. Special guest Ian Robinson who actually wrote stuff in the product stops by for an interview. (Ian is also the first person on RDP with an authentic British accent.) We dig into […]