With a Little Help From My Friends

Jesse, Lester and their special guest from accross the pond, Neil Foster take a leap into Fantasy Grounds II while playing the classic adventure “With a Little Help From My Friends”.  Neil Foster has been developing the WFRP3 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II for a while now and this is the latest working build which […]

The Gathering Storm: Part 1

Paul GMs a group of adventurers through the begining of The Gatherin Storm Campaign.  Jesse, Lester and friends join forces and brave the dangers of Stromdorf. We appreciate all feedback on iTunes and Facebook and you can send questions or comments to recklessdice@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @RecklessDice.

An Eye For An Eye: Finale

Session 3 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party bringing the fight to the cultists, discovering their plot and attempting to foil it. The proverbial shit hits the fan quickly as one of our party members gets in over his head, sigmarite blood spills and a lot of beastmen try to crash […]

An Eye For An Eye: Part 1

The Reckless Dice crew send a group of adventurers through the first chapter of An Eye for an Eye. The surviving members of A Day Late, A Shiling Short lead the party and find they work a whole lot better when behind a wall of steel.

A Day Late, A Shilling Short

Welcome to our first actual play Session. Jesse takes a group of intrepid PCs through the demo adventure A Day Late, A Shilling Short. The group is using online play through Maptool and conversing through Skype so there’s a few house rules in effect regarding movement and range. Please note that a copy of the […]