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Episodes, Features, and Sessions

Hello everyone! Thanks for making our little endeavor here a success. We appreciate the downloads and the feedback.

One thing we’d like to clear up is the different kinds of content you’ll be getting in the Reckless Dice Podcast.

At our core are the Episodes, which will come out every other week. These are the organized discussions about WFRP3e and we have sound standards that all participants will meet in order to have a good sound quality.

The Features and Sessions are more of a pick-up affair where we get online with some buddies or even new people and go over something like character creation or play through. These will fill the gaps between Episode weeks but are on more of an ad-hoc schdule (for now).

With Features and Sessions we’re reliant on the headsets and capabilities of all the people in the group. We’ll try to get good sound but sometimes we’re at the mercy of a bad mic or internet connection. We’ll still have good content and make sure that everything is understandable.

Hope that clears up some questions. Please keep listening and spread the word about the podcast!

Feature – Character Creation

Jesse walks a few new players through the character creation process from start to finish. The characters will soon begin the Eye for and Eye introductory adventure included in the Core set and the Game Master’s Guide.

Reckless Dice #1: Guides and Vaults

We officially launch the podcast with some recent-ish WFRPv3 news, everything you want to know about the Guides and Vaults, and since it’s our first episode we steal questions from the official forums.

Please give us feedback on iTunes, send questions or comments to recklessdice@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter @RecklessDice.


Reckless Dice #0: Introductions

“It’s a Soft Open.”

Welcome to the Reckless Dice Podcast where we talk about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition. Paul, Jesse and Jeremy introduce themselves and talk about how they got into Warhammer and roleplaying.