The Enemy Within: Book 3, Part 1

The group finishes up their business is Middenheim just as the war in the North is winding down. The Emperor has been wounded and is being rushed back to Altdorff, the Capital of The Empire.  The party charters a coach and barge for the long trip to Altdorff.

Reckless Dice #31: Back From The Darklands

Jordan and Jesse are back in action after a little break.  We tackle a mountain of news, Hero’s Call, two POD supplements and one big @$$ map. Online Play WFRP3 Community Group

eSHDMotWOW Update!

The Extra Super Huge Detailed Map of the Warhammer Old World has received a series of enhancements and updates.  New content includes: Hero’s Call locations, Ogre locations in the Mountains of Mourn and a variety of minor adjustments here and there including the Chaos acquired Brass Keep. the eSHDMotWOW is available for download as a […]

Reckless Dice #26: Unboxing Hero’s Call

The crew gets a special visitor with access to an early copy of Hero’s Call.  We crack it open, talk through the contents, spill all the beans, you get the idea.  We cover the news of the week, take on a big Q&A and so much more. BONUS: The crew gives a well informed Troll […]