Reckless Dice #38: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The pre-finale pre-game-show is here!  We review our adventures and misadventures with the party before embarking on what is sure to be the most epic adventure yet.  We talk about some of our highlights and disappointments throughout the last year and a half of gaming and take a moment to remember the characters who may […]

Reckless Dice #33: Where Am I Going?

Jesse, Jordan & Leila, along with Dave [Thorin], discuss Beaver Buzz, Coffee Crisps, and soft stuffed beavers… and some Warhammer related materials, including: Career Planning, Decision Making, and Long Term Goals. Our school guidance counselors would be proud. Warhammer Travel Guide & Distance Mapping PDF Mo’ Cheese Please (a thoughtfully cheesy blog about things inspired […]

Reckless Dice #31: Back From The Darklands

Jordan and Jesse are back in action after a little break.  We tackle a mountain of news, Hero’s Call, two POD supplements and one big @$$ map. Online Play WFRP3 Community Group

Reckless Dice #30: Horror at Hugeldal Review (spoilers)

***SPOILER WARNING*** We discuss the recently played adventure, The Horror at Hugeldal in detail.  We speak with the GM about how things went, where we derailed, and expose plot threads that may have been missed.  We review the adventure from a story and mechanics perspective and follow that up with a dose of character advancements and […]

The Horror at Hugeldal: Epilogue

With more than a few loose ends, The “Unwitting Servants of Justice” say their farewells to their new “friends”.  Will the danger return? Did the party do enough to keep the evil at bay for good?  Will Baerdin ever give his pigeon a name? What is going on with Rob!?!