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eSHDMotWOW Update!

The Extra Super Huge Detailed Map of the Warhammer Old World has received a series of enhancements and updates.  New content includes: Hero’s Call locations, Ogre locations in the Mountains of Mourn and a variety of minor adjustments here and there including the Chaos acquired Brass Keep.

the eSHDMotWOW is available for download as a PDF or JPG at http://www.GitzmansGallery.com

Or click the eSHDMotWOW link above to view it in a web browser.

Lure of the Liche Lord: Part 1

The “Unwitting Servants of Justice”, while spending time in Hugeldal, find themselves transported into a foreign realm of Sand and Sorcery. With few options, and a mystery to unravel, Helga and the Dwarfs explore The Lure of the Liche Lord. Their doom may well be close at hand, but who can tell in their dream-like state what is really real?