Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 1

pic508527_mdBeyond the Mountains of Madness continues the story begun in H.P. Lovecraft’s novel “At the Mountains of Madness”. It is the tale of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition of 1933 which bravely – and foolishly – seeks to finish what the Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition began three years before.

The party embarks from New York for the frigid continent of Antarctica hoping to leave all their troubles behind them.

The Gathering Storm: Finale

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftIn a rush back to town carrying the last fragment of the Elven artifact, the party discovers they aren’t quite finished.  A single looming piece prevents them from solving the puzzle.  But this piece has been under their noses all along.

The Gathering Storm: Part 8

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftChasing a runaway goblins leads to a Greenskin infested homestead in the hills.  With the pulsing lightning stabbing at the farmhouse, the party has no choice but to prepare a daring attack on the structures to recover the power stone.

The Gathering Storm: Part 7

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftWith the threat of the undead behind them, the party finally has a chance to settle down in the quiet town of Stromdorff.  But things don’t stay quiet for long as both farmers and Heir Adler bring about the issues plaguing the South.  Could Greenskins be involved in stolen cattle?

The Gathering Storm: part 6

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftThe party finds themselves in a crypt, surrounded by the undead. A slain necromancer at their feet and a world of problems looming. Will Boulder remember how we was knocked unconcious? What tales will the Elves feed him about his near death experience with Ollaf Stichelm’s undead skeleton?