Reckless Dice #15: Black Fire Pass & GenCon

Jesse, Lester and our special guest, Rikard the “Mountain” (from Norsca) discuss Black Fire Pass in detail.  We cover new rules, adventures and components found in the new supplement.  We also talk about the FFG GenCon seminar and what may or may not be in store for us next year.

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4 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #15: Black Fire Pass & GenCon

  • Great Podcast again! As you wish I would like to ask a question. There are now very many rules and I would like to know if you are playing all of them, or if you just use the one you like. I, for example, don’t like the ability on the group sheet, that everyone can use the talent of one groupmember. Fortunately FFG produces there sets in a way, that we can choose which rules we wan’t to use, but I’m interested in your style of playing.

    sorry for bad english

    • Excellent question, we will cover this is episode 16 for sure! However to give you a quick answer now, no. I do not use all the rules available. I tend to use about 80% of what is available. Party sheets and NPC sheets often go unused. Distributing fortune points often gets overlooked too. I’m getting better at using ACE but they often fall short.

  • One thing I should point out, we talk about Dwarf locations in Black Fire Pass, and i referenced Karak Azul. It is NOT in Black Fire Pass and is in fact far to the south east in the World Edge Mountains. There are two Dwarf locations of note in the pass…

    Kazad Haz-Drazh-Kadrin: The small Dwarf Fortress featured prominently in the Journey to Black Fire Pass, which is at the exit (southern) portion of the pass.

    Karag Dronar (The Booming Peak): A small abandoned Dwarf hold featured prominently in the Black Fire Pass: Harrower of Thanes adventure. This is located just off the main road through the pass, to its south west.

  • If you want to run “The Harrower of Thanes” after completing “Journey to Blackfire Pass” then the simple thing to do would be to change the initial act of HoT so that the location is either Karak Azul or Karaz-a-Karak. That way the motivation for the quest might either be as a favour to their new friends in Karak Azul, or an attempt to avoid a grudge with the High King (depending on how the party performed in JtBFP).

    There would still be a little retracing of steps – as the party would have to travel through Blackfire Pass to get to Grenzstadt to find out how to proceed. If this is a problem I am sure Grenzstadt could easily be reconfigured as a human settlement in the Border Princes – which would be on the same side of the pass as the Dwarf holds. If its not a problem then you could foreshadow some of the stuff that goes on in HoT (the increased orc activity and such) during the journey back through the pass to Grenzstadt.

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